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Not really keeping this place up to date. Suggest you keep tabs on With The Will for the absolute latest news. But you may or may not know, Digimon Xross wars is starting in Japan on July 6, 2010. WtW (see sidebar) has full discussions as well as the most current news on the series.

Digimon RPG, the old Korean Digimon game that came out 8 years ago is finally set to release in English worldwide. Releasing under the name Digimon Battle, it looks to be the exact same game only with an English interface. People who download the client and start playing between March 10 and March 16, 2010 will recieve the Frontier Starter Kit containing 10 Jump Gates, 10 Vigor Floppies, and 10 Recovery Floppies. Check it out at

Digimon Memorial Book is out. You can buy it from a number of fine retailers such as CDJapan,, HMV Japan

"Digimon Around" Possible new series? Rumours are circulating about this supposed new anime series starting in the spring. At this point in time, it's all unsubstantiated information with no way to independantly verify any info. Confimation (or lack thereof) will likely come in the next issue of V-Jump magazine (typically released on the 21st of the month). We'll know before the end of the year if there's a new series starting in April.

Rage hard, CDJapan has announced the memorial book has been canceled.

We're back!
After taking another couple of years off, I've gotten some web hosting and a domain name. I'm busy revamping the whole web site to take advantage of CSS and PHP technology that simply was not available when I originally built this web page. Though I'm taking advantage of all this stuff now (I have to learn all of this new as I'm from the era of HTML 1.0), I'm trying to keep my classic layout which emulates the original Foxkids web site.
Please bear with me as I update all the pages on the site. I likely will not be expanding any of the lost sound archives beyond what I have up now. I do not have the time available anymore to go through and re-encode everything that's been lost over the years due to shrinking web site limits.
I will be posting some archived footage of classic foxkids and YTV digimon commercials and specials at a later date. These files have already been posted online to various sites earlier in the year, but I don't really have a comprehensive listing in any specific location right now.

New CD announced. "Digimon History 1999-2006 All The Best" (Title subject to change) NECA-30257 is set to release on January 1, 2010. With a list price of 3400yen, this is the 10 year compilation of all openning theme, ending theme, and insert songs for all five seasons of digimon. Unfortunately there is no first press edition. CDJapan has the disk up for preorder here.

Seen the Digimon Frontier OP multi language video? Well, here's the ones for the other 3 seasons
Digimon Adventure -Butterfly
Digimon Adventure 02 -Target
Digimon Tamers -The Biggest Dreamer
Digimon Frontier -Fire

Missed out on the Wonderboy HQ torrent file? No problem because it's up for direct download now Here