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The Digimon Memorial Book has been announced. Set to release of September 3, 2009 October 31, 2009 (release date is tenative and may change), this is a massive 384 page (A5 ISO size specification) compilation of digimon material that will include among other things a special CD and coverart by digimon character designer Nakatsuru Katsuyoshi. This seems like it's a must have for any serious digimon fan.

Massive CD re-releases. Huge numbers of previously sold out and limited edition CDs are back in print. These CDs will remain in production until March 31, 2010. If there are some CDs missing from your collection that you desperately wanted, now is the time to see if they've become available again.

Added direct download links for Digimon multi-language videos of Digimon Adventure, 02 and Tamers OPs as well as the HQ Wonderboy file.

Digimon Savers has broadcasted. Download the raws via the links on the main page.

Little late, but Adventure 01 sounds for episodes 1-13 (Devimon Arc) have been up for a while now. Now working on episodes 14-21 (Etemon Arc).

Sounds are going back online. Digimon Tamers files are now up 100%. Unfortunatly my Digimon Adventure and 02 sounds have been lost. I may at some point redo some of the key ones (Digivolving, Episode summeries, interesting lines), but it could be a while. And since Frontier's dub was such a turn off for me, there weren't many files made, though I'll probably put those up later.

FET's DigiFanDub has moved again. It's now at

Ever wonder what the digimon intros sounded like in other languages? Well, download the video of FIRE (Digimon Frontier Op theme). It contains 7 seperate languages of the openning including Japanese, Italian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portugese and Latin done to the original japanese openning video. Download the torrent here.

FET's Digifandub is considering releasing lowres 320x240 episodes of savers as they air for those of you who are unable to download the fullsize >150MB raws or fansubs in a similar fashion to the Digimon Frontier raw releases. The expected filesize would be 40MB per episode.

Forgot to update, I did send out the information earlier this week through my Yahoo group. Digimon Savers 16 second series preview has been released. There is in fact a large number of groups (considering it's Digimon) that appear to have subbing intrests in the new series. Of all the subbed previews that have come out and are publicly available, the following are the best of them.
The With The Will Fansub group released their file as a Direct Download link through their forums Here.
WolfPackProductions has unveiled their copy via bittorrent Here.
Both groups have released similar files and I suggest you get both of them to see which group's subbing techniques you prefer for the full episode releases.

Digimon Savers is apparently premiering Sunday April 2, 2006 at 9:00 AM on Fuji TV. If this is actually the case, we should be able to start viewing commercials for the show within the next 4 weeks. WTW has further details.

Digimon Savers will be airring starting in April of this year. It seems that it will replace Konjiki no Gash Bell (aka Zatch Bell in America). There's a few more scans floating around, including pictures of the 3 character's digimon (Rookie and Champion levels). The main character looks to be recieving Agumon.

Toei Animation Digimon Savers Official site is now up as of Jan 22. Nothing's on it yet though. If you want to see the site, it's on the links page.

Download the Digimon Tamers AMV Wonderboy video in new High Quality AVI format. This remastered video of the old Realmedia file formerly hosted on digifandub is in the AVI format with resolution of 640x480 encoded in XVID. To obtain the bittorrent link, go here.

The new Digimon series has a name. Digimon Savers. No practical information currently exists other than rumours. Speculation indicates there's a possibility that it will be a sequel to Digimon Tamers, as it had the most mature theme of all the seasons, and it appears from preliminary artwork that we've seen that it is aimed at the aging Digimon Fanbase. More details should be available next month in V-Jump, also indicating a possible spring release.

I've cleaned out all the defunct sites on my links page, what's left probably hasn't updated in over a year, though they do at the very least still exist. I do have a cleaned up frames site ready to go, I just have to figure out where to be putting it up. Geocities is nice, but the ad sidebar is just absolutely horrid.

With the announcement that Digimon Season 5 is comming soon, I've decided I should probably start updating. The new season announcement is info below along with a multitude of other announcements I've added in. For updates, I'm going to start weeding shit out of this site, cut off most of my sound links since I'm going to call the whole archive defunct now, clear out the Links section so that MIA sites and defunct sites are gone while adding in a few locations you can go for some things and start rebuilding the whole thing. I also plan if possible, to get the whole site off geocities and onto a site that doesn't have popups, sidebars, or any of those annoying things.

FET's Digimon Fandub has once again been forced to change locations, the site links on my page have been updated to reflect the new updated location. Please be advised that not much has happenned as of late on the project, though some of you may find a few things that have been added or changed if you lost the site link and haven't been there to check up on it. The new site is still undergoing launch preperations, so it's not completely ready.

If you want to talk to some of us, and chat about digimon, anime or a variety of other subjects, feel free to drop in our IRC channel, #wtw @ . If you don't want to install or cannot use an irc client, you can goto and use the java interface. Just pick a screen name you want to use and enter #wtw in the chan field a click "Chat now".

Though I'm sure those of you following the anime world will have probably head of Onmyou Taisenki. Back when Digimon Frontier had ended, this was rumoured to be a new digimon season. This was proven false as it was a Toy line, though contained many similarities to Digimon Tamers. In September 2004, Onmyou Taisenki the anime started in Japan on TV Tokyo. It's a sunrise production (they make Gundam, Yakitate Japan, Mai-HiME/Otome among other popular animes), and ran 52 episodes. Well, if you liked the Digimon series, I would highly recommend this show. Unlike digimon, no american company has seen fit to aquire it, so you won't see it in english. However, you can download the show with english subtitles. Both Ryuu Rogue #Ryuu-Rogue @ and TV-Nihon #TV-Nihon @ are currently subbing the series. I'll leave it to you who you like better. Bittorrent listing are available at Animesuki.

Well, just a FYI, Digimon Season 5 is in production. After taking a year off after Frontier, we've recieved word that a new season is slated to air sometime in 2006. Let me stress that there is absolutely no information presently on this new and upcomming season, only that it is happenning and will air this year.
Based on the fact that the announcement happenned in December, it seems likely that this new season will be airring starting in the typical Digimon fashion of the Spring anime season. That means the first episode should start sometime in March or April of this year.
I want to stress that this is only my own speculation, and is not based on anything other than that when previous seasons had been announced, the announcement had come in december with the new season starting in the spring. On this basis, we should start to see more infomation, including tenative plot, character designs and the tenative title starting sometime in mid to late Febuary.
If you would like to speculate on the upcomming season as well as stay informed on current events, I would suggest you visit the With the Will Forums.

I know some of you used Megchan's links to get to different sites, so I've put up her links page (minus pics) so that you can still get to those sites. It's in Links>Megchan's